The following stories, taken directly from my patient files, represent fairly common occurrences in my chiropractic office. Nothing is a panacea, including herbs and kinesiology. But I have used herbs both personally and professionally for over twenty-five years and have found them to be safe, effective, and economical, with very few, minor side effects.

Herbs have been used since Biblical times for healing (especially in China and India) and they are the basis for many modern pharmaceuticals. In my office, I have an Applied Kinesiology testing kit containing over 100 herbs, a complete Metagenics testing kit, as well as a food allergy testing kit. The best way for testing food allergies and intolerances is to bring in samples of any foods and brands you currently consuming that you suspect might be causing difficulties. Please also bring in samples of any herbs, vitamins and prescribed medications you are taking if you want them tested, as well.

I believe the body and herbs are innately designed to recognize one another and work together for healing. In my practice as a chiropractor, I always seek the most economical, simplest, and direct way to help my patients. More often than not, simplest is also best.


Every morning while walking to my office, I would pass Art putting a display of baskets outside his basket shop. I would ask him how he was doing, and he would tell me how painful his ulcer was, and that the medication the doctor gave him wasn’t working. Every morning I would tell him how comfrey tea was so useful in healing ulcers. This morning was different. I said nothing, turned around, and went back to my apartment. I made a thermos of comfrey tea and took it back to Art. When I told him, “Here, take this. I promise you by the time you drink this thermos full of comfrey tea your pain will be gone,” I was speaking from personal experience.

Later that day, Art sent his wife into town to pick-up more comfrey tea. Three days later, Art had no more pain and no more complaints.  Note comfrey tea is contraindicated for long-term use.


Marilyn was a schoolteacher who had been suffering from chronic headaches for years. No treatment had been successful in relieving her pain. Using Applied Kinesiology, I was able to determine that the likely source of Marilyn’s headaches was her gallbladder. This diagnosis was borne out by her dry skin and sallow complexion.

I put Marilyn on a liver/gallbladder flush, which entails three days of consuming only apples and apple juice, followed by 4 ounces of pure olive oil in the evening of the third day. The malic acid in the apples softens the gallstones, and the olive oil induces the gallbladder to “unload” the stones. The morning of the fourth day, with a bowel movement, Marilyn had about a half-dozen marble-sized gallstones floating on the surface.

Marilyn was so excited about this “miracle” that she fished the stones out and brought them to me in a jar (she wasn’t the first patient to do this!). I had her repeat the flush two mores times about a month apart, until she no longer produced gallstones. She still does the flush once a year for “maintenance” and occasionally a small stone is produced. Best of all, Marilyn no longer has headaches!


Betsy came in to see me because of low back discomfort. She was about seventy years old, overweight, and “allergic” to exercise. In less than one minute, I was able to quickly check all of her major organ systems using A.K. and determine that Betsy’s kidneys were not functioning well, and that this was the probable source of her back pain.

She confirmed that she was having 2-3 kidney infections per year, and even with her co-pay insurance it was costing her two to three hundred dollars per infection. Using further A.K. testing, I “dialogued” with her kidneys to determine what they needed. In Betsy’s case, it was nettles, a common plant available in both capsules and in bulk at the health food store.

A month later, Betsy walked into my office, and before she even closed the door, she loudly proclaimed, “That nettle tea got rid of my kidney infection for two dollars and fifty cents!” And her lower back pain was 90 percent improved!


Jo Ann had a strep throat infection, as diagnosed by laboratory tests. She was reluctant to take antibiotics because they upset her stomach. She had been trying every natural remedy she knew for about three weeks, but she wasn’t getting any better. Her tonsils were red and swollen, and A.K. confirmed that her immune system was weak. I tested almost a dozen herbs and vitamins before bioflavonoids (part of the vitamin C family) proved to be what her immune system needed. Three days after beginning therapy with bioflavonoids, Jo Ann’s strep throat infection was completely gone.


Betty looked nervous and not sure whether a chiropractor’s office was the right place to be for her chronic mid-back pain. But since everything else, including pain relievers, massage, heating pad, cold packs, and salves, had failed to give her relief, here she was. In her late 50s, Betty had been successfully treated for intestinal cancer five years previously, but the radiation had “fried” her intestinal lining, leaving her with chronic diarrhea. Her doctor told her, “You’ll just have to learn to live with it the rest of your life.”

I explained to Betty that chronic pain in the spine is commonly caused by a chronic problem in an organ reflexing (referring) back to the spine. In her case, I suspected that her problem with diarrhea was the source of her constant mid-back pain.

I told Betty how to make a soothing pudding of slippery elm bark powder, comfrey root power, and psyllium husk powder in a liquid base of freshly-made carrot juice, and to eat 6 oz. of this pudding 4 times per day. Two weeks later, Betty’s diarrhea of five years was completely gone. So was her back pain. When I saw her several years later, she was still doing fine.


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